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For all of those who know me well it may be a surprise why I have waited so long to get my own domain – I am exactly the kind of tech-geeks who should have my own, say, back at least, in the middle-90’s.  Well, when I started to work as a computer engineer in 1993, I promised myself (by short-sight, of course) that I would not touch two areas in the computer business – networks and database (Could it be that the traumatized experience with my college, the great “Peking Institute of Posts and Telecommunications”, still cast its shadow on me?).  I have since never been interested in anything related to these two areas, Internet included, unfortunately.


Now at 40 and being a father of two, and possibly not as stubborn as I used to be, it struck to me at an instance on this sunny spring afternoon of this brand-new millennium that I should have it done, for my children, and my mother.  At 3-3/4 and 1-1/2 years old, my children deserve to start to have a personal touch to what seems definitely to be the future that they are going to be attached to.  My mother, at almost 70, worked pretty hard to get herself linked to the other side of this maze.  As a computer engineer with 4+ working computers and 20+ digital cameras at home, the least I should do is to build this connection, between the grandma, born and grew up in Manchuria, then under Japanese occupation, and my children, born and to be grew up in the other side of the globe in a different millennium.  The time, geological and culture differences seem to be vast and un-bridgeable.  But then love connects them very tightly together.  It is my job to get the link closer with what I should know the best – new technologies.


This dot-com uses my youngest child’s name as its domain name.  Poor big brother – for him, changming.com is not available and the name does not seem to be as romantic as that of the girl.  I am not sure how much he will appreciate his email address assigned, changming@rholee.com, when he is getting to understand what such an address means to a person. For the rest of us, we are very happy to be addressed at rholee@rholee.com, carrie@rholee.com and lin@rholee.com. 


It is for family, it is for friends and it is for fun!  If any of you can think of better use of this web site, please let us know.  We will be very happy to host and accommodate any reasonable usage of our domain.


Love and yours always,




May 11, 2001

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