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   Latest Additions (2006-07-11 )


Progress of Our Addition - 我们房子加盖进展


360-Degree View Movie (9.4 Mb QuickTime)  我们家三百六十度 QT 电影(9.4Mb)


Fall 2004 - 2004年秋


My best friend gave me a new toy... - 我的好朋友最近送我的玩具


Lin's office cleaned - 徐林办公室终于收拾干净了

We cut 50 trees around our house - 我们砍了五十棵树


Cutting trees on the backyard

Another fall is here 2

Another fall is here 1

How many mosquitoes we caught in 3 weeks

First time on Boston's Big Dig Project

Mosquito Magnets 1

Mosquito Magnets 2

Birds are gone

Flower is not too bad this year

Baby birds hatched

Mother bird is back

Spring finally come?

Blizzard 2003 - 1

Blizzard 2003 - 2

Blizzard 2003 - 3

A deer is looking at us

It is getting cold here

Christmas Snow Storm - Backyard

Christmas Snow Storm - Our driveway after one hour of hard working

Christmas Snow Storm - The Next Morning

We are ready for Christmas

Not again! - It snowed in October!

Our cranberry bog

Fall comes to our neighborhood

Surrounded again by the color of Fall

A few furniture added in Changming's room 1

A few furniture added in Changming's room 2

A few furniture added in Changming's room 3

A 2-feet long garden snake Changming found at the park nearby

2 of 2 Bird nests on our house

1 of 2 Bird nests on our house

Summer finally comes

Snowing a week before Memorial Day (5/18)

Spring is here

Back of my new Yamaha receiver

Rholee's new furniture 1

Rholee's new furniture 2

Another snow

A Starry Night from Our Roof

Our House From Air 1 (Now You Believe that We Are Living in Trees!)

Our House From Air 2

Where Lin Works From Air

Family Room 1

Family Room 2

Family Room 3

Linís Office 1

Linís Office 2

Linís Office 3

Linís Office 4 (with a satellite photo of Linís home town in China back in November 1968)

Linís Gun Collections are All on the Wall Now

Coming to Kids Room

Rholeeís Room 1

Rholeeís Room 2

Rholeeís Room 3

Changmingís Room 1

Changmingís Room 2

Changmingís Room 3

How Complex is My A/V System?  You Have to See It to Believe

My Little Robot Built with Lego MindStorm

Who Dare to Come to Our House

Fall is Here

Fall Comes to New England

In the Great Brook State Park (at 1/2 miles from our house)

Townís Old Home Day Ice Cream Party

Bird Nest on Our House

Our Backyard at Fall    后院之秋

2001 Snow

Shoveled Driveway

How Much Snow We Got?

Our House in Winter

Linís Office            徐林

From Japan with Linís Name

Birds from Linís Office Window - 1

Birds from Linís Office Window - 2

Birds from Linís Office Window - 3

Summer is Here

Our House from the Backyard

How Many Satellite Dishes We Have?

Snow of 1997's April Fool Day