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   Pictures taken before 2002:


Family Shoot Christmas 2002

Kids are ready to open their Christmas gifts

They are very excited!

Our Christmas Tree

Setting out for their Trick-or-Treat

It is the time of year again!

Rholee is 3!!!

Rholee plays with her best friend David

Changming picks cranberry

Family at our cranberry bog

Rholee on a Sunday morning

Changming hurt his eye

Orchard in the fall

Peach picking

Changming's model airplane: Skyraider A-1

Taking a break while hike the Freedom Trail

Walking Boston's Freedom Trail

Changming's model airplane is fully assembled

Changming's model airplane came in in parts

Painting and drawing together

Brother and Sister

School bus is coming for the first time to pick up Changming

Changming's trial day at the Kindergarten


Click here for pictures taken during our China/Japan trip


Changming's last day at a day care

Changming is opening his birthday gifts

Blowing the candle!

Changming with friend Graeme

Changming with his buddies

With Dad before his birthday

With Mommy before his birthday

What are these guys trying to do?

Trying to catch some small sea creatures

Family at the beach

With Changhua's classmate Li Xue

The ladies at the beach

Playing with sand

Changming buries himself in the sand

Changming is driving a submarine

Changming in a submarine

Kids are ready for our 4th of July celebration

At neighbor's pool - 1

At neighbor's pool - 2

Changming and Rholee are tired after a long hike

Changming and Rholee at on top of the Wolf Rock

Changming climbs the Wolf Rock

Rholee greets her Dad

Rholee runs to Dad who is picking her up at the end of the day

Look at strawberries we picked!

Picking strawberries with mom

I am a BIG strawberry!

We drive together

Changming, Rholee and their shell collections

Rholee is watching his brother's soccer game

A very proud BIG brother

Changming and Rholee are posting for a picture

Changming and Rholee are playing with mud

Hanscom Airshow - Changming with Thunderbird

Hanscom Airshow - Changming is on top of an infantry carrier

Hanscom Airshow - Changming in a Cost Guard chopper

Hanscom Airshow - Changming is amazed at a giant C-5

Lin is test firing his Chinese Type-56(AK-47) assault rifle

Family outing on Memorial Weekend

Is the mirror a little too close?

Rholee with her new hair pins

Changming is crying after a bicycle accident

Changming is playing with his Easter's egg

Rholee is very angry

With Changhua's Classmate Zhou Yu

Play together

Rholee sliding down

Kongfu Master

Rholee is making trouble

Taking a break

Changming is on his way

Getting ready to go biking

Rholee with her sunglass

Changming and Rholee toying with piano

Changming and Rholee playing together

After Easter egg hunting

Rholee is sick

Changming gives a smile

Changming in an early space ship's simulator

Rholee plays Peter Pan

Rholee with her outfit ready for the Chinese New Year

Changming with his big bear

Mom and Son facing the Atlantic Ocean

Sledding on the new snow

After two haircuts

Rholee makes face

Changming is crying

Reading a story next to the fireplace

Christmas party with our close friends 1

Christmas party with our close friends 2

Christmas 2001

After Opening Christmas Gifts

Rholee is Crying

Changming Plays a Bell

Changming is Picking Up His Christmas Gift from Santa

Rholee with Santa

Winter is Finally Here

Changhua and Kids with Their Projects

Changming with His Projects Finished

Changming with Santa

Rholee with Santa

Lin with Rholee

Lin with Kids

We Are About to Have Mongolian Pot for Dinner

Our Kids' Best Friend

From Strangers to Friends

Mahjong Time

Rholee is Not Happy in Breakfast Time

Rholee in Action

Rholee Wants Her Feet on the Dinning Table

Changming at Our Door

At Our Front Door - Halloween 2001

Changming and Rholee with Their New Computer

Rholee is TWO!

Changming and Rholee

Rholee – During One of Her First Haircut

Rholee – After her Haircut

Changming – Very Happy Watching Tom and Jerry

Changming – It Is His Turn!

Changming is Amazed at a Wood-Burning Steam Engine

We are on the Train

Changming is Scared at the Noise the Train Makes

Apple Picking

Rholee at a Party

Rholee is Tired

Brother and Sister

Rholee and Dad

Rholee – at Town’s Library Festival

Rholee – When there is Something She Likes

Heading to a Play Center Hand-in-Hand

Rholee is not Happy

Changming and Rholee at Our Door

Rholee and Mom at the Play Center

Changming is Playing with Friends

Adults Chat while Kids Play

Wenxing is Working Hard

Any crabs? Yes, We are loaded!

Waiting for the Subs to Arrive

Waiting for the Subs to Arrive

Good time for kids, too

Rholee– after some Chocolate Toping

Family Outing

Changming Was Bit by a Mosquito on the Eye

Rholee Was Trying to Write

Former Baird Party 1

Former Baird Party 2

Former Baird Party 3

Former Baird Party 4

Former Baird Party 5

Changming birthday party 1

Changming birthday party 2

Waiting for the 4th of July Parade

Watching the Parade

Going to Our Town’s Old Home Day Fair

Rholee at Town Party

Changming and his buddies

Changming and Josh

Changming with Other Kids at Daycare

Changming and Rholee

Rholee at Playground 1

Rholee at Playground 2

Rholee Chasing Gees

Family Out

Changming at San Diego Zoo

Changming and His T-Rex

Changming with Lego

Rholee at L.A.

Rholee at Backyard

Rholee Starts to Walk

How Does Our Daughter Sleep?

Rholee Broke Her Nose

With Demi

Coloring Time



Have We Changed in 11 Years?