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This is a window to our life. We always keep a digital camera by hand and take hundreds of pictures a year at all phases of our life. Mostly these are pictures of kids intended to be shared with grandmothers, relatives and close friends. You will, from time to time, see ourselves in a few of the images. Kids are growing up and as a consequence we are getting old pretty fast. If you know us well it would not be hard to make your judgment.

   Latest Additions (2004-01-07)

Changming got a new Lego set from Santa

Rholee plays with her present

All of us on Christmas morning

Changming and Rholee on Christmas morning

Rholee with Santa

Rholee sings a Christmas song


Rholee is helping Mommy

Changming is helping Daddy

First snow storm 3

First snow storm 2

First snow storm 1

Winter is here and this is a show of our snow man

Our Christmas Tree is up

Rholee at Plymouth Plantation - where Thanksgiving starts

A huge bee hive under our car port

Changming on a US Navy Destroyer

Changming and Rholee on board USS Constitution2

The USS Constitution

Rholee is Running

Rholee and her drink

Changming at Cambridge's Kendal Square

Sorting the candy they collected

Changming's Class

Some scary characters

George W. and the First Lady

Changming is marching

Rholee's Tiger outfit

Changming plays a Samurai

Ready for Halloween 2003

Rholee is FOUR - 4

Rholee is FOUR - 3

Rholee is FOUR - 2

Rholee is FOUR - 1

Changhua at Savanna, Georgia

On the way to the Museum of Science

Changming looses most of his front teeth

Fall is here and Changming is working

Rocket recovered!

Another one is off

Three, two, one, left off! Changming and Maxwell firing a rocket

How Rholee eats

A walk in a nearby park 1

A walk in a nearby park 2

Changming gets his haircut

How Rholee sleeps

Rholee plays with water

Rholee with best friend David

At a butterfly farm

Biking at Boston's Castle Island Park

At the park next door

The corns are fully grownr

A week of vacation in Maine

Taking a break during a walk along the Charles River

Walking along the Charles River

With Changming the Spaceman

Opening birthday gifts

Changming is 6!

Kicking off Changming's birthday party

Changming and Rholee at Demi's birthday party

Changming went to a all girl party


4th of July in New York City


Changming starts his summer vacation

Changming won 4 lobsters

Changming with Mrs. Cameau, his kindergarten teacher

Changming at his graduation piano class

School sport's event 1

School sport's event 2

School sport's event 3

School sport's event 4

School sport's event 5

Changming with playdate Graeme

Our new mini-van 1

Our new mini-van 2

Our new mini-van 3

A visit to Rogers Williams Zoo - 1

A visit to Rogers Williams Zoo - 2

A visit to Rogers Williams Zoo - 3

Play together under Spring sunshine

Spring is finally here

Cruising in Boston Harbor

Changhua makes a Japanese dinner

Picking Easter's Egg at our backyard

Rainforest Show at Changming's school 1

Rainforest Show at Changming's school 2

Rainforest Show at Changming's school 3

Kite flying 2

Kite flying 1

Rholee with her new bike

Rholee is on her new bike

Changming with his new bike

Trouble makers

Easter Egg hunting

Spring is almost here

Grandma's old friends visited us - 3

Grandma's old friends visited us - 2

Grandma's old friends visited us - 1

Changming got to ride in a police car

Changming is back on his bike

Rholee's new bike

Changming practices his calculation skill

Rholee at breakfast

Changming at school with his project: a Leprechaun trap

Changming and Penny the Penguin from school

Rholee sleeps this way

Rholee does not want to drink her milk

Changming and Rholee 1

Changming and Rholee 2

Rain or snow, school bus will come

More Lego spaceships from Changming's workshop

Mr. Liu Naizhong is creating a seal for me

Winter is not yet over

Broadband Internet finally comes to our door - 1

Broadband Internet finally comes to our door - 2

Changming practices Chinese character writing

Family time in a cold night

So we lit the fireplace

It is getting really cold (around -20 Celsius in the morning)

Rholee is angry

Changming puts more Lego pieces together

Changming loses his first baby tooth

Changming is displaying another of his Lego design


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